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  • Explore the Design Possibilities of a Clopay Door

    If you are planning a new garage door installation near Amelia Beach, be sure to check out the line of doors that are available from Clopay. In this video, you will take a quick look at some of the gorgeous models that are available from the Clopay garage door brand. From modern to contemporary, Clopay offers garage doors that suit every type of home.

    To start exploring the design possibilities for your new garage door, get in touch with a garage door company in your local area. With assistance from a team of garage door specialists, you will be able to select and install the beautiful garage door of your dreams.

  • Is Your Garage Ready for Hurricane Season?

    The beginning of summer marks the start of hurricane season in Florida. During a hurricane, your garage may be exposed to harsh rain, high winds, and other brutal weather conditions. With preventative garage door repairs from a team of garage door experts in Ponte Vedra, you will be able to make sure that your garage door is ready to remain intact during the next hurricane. If you are wondering whether you need to schedule garage door repairs , here are some signs that your garage door is ready for hurricane season. garage - hurricane

    Your Tracks and Hardware Are In Good Condition

    The strong winds that come with a hurricane can easily rip a flimsy garage door off of its tracks. To prepare your garage for the upcoming hurricane season, you should take the time to inspect the quality and condition of your tracks and hardware. In the event that you find that your garage’s major support systems seem to be weakened or otherwise compromised, it may be time to set up a garage door repair appointment.

    Your Garage Door Is Fairly New

    Older garage doors can pose serious safety threats during a big storm. When a hurricane makes landfall in your area, you will want to be protected by the strength and stability that is offered by a newer model of garage door. A company that offers garage door installation can help you choose and install a brand-new door that has specifically engineered with withstand hurricane conditions.

    You Have Installed Special Stabilizers or Supports

    If you want to keep your existing garage door, you can strengthen your current model with special stabilizing panels and support bars. By adding extra reinforcement to your garage doors, you can prevent high winds from compromising the structural integrity of your garage. For additional information about how to protect your garage during the next hurricane that strikes your area, be sure to get in touch with a top-rated garage door installation and repair company.

  • Tips for Getting Your Garage Organized

    If your new garage door is covering a garage space that is filled with clutter, now may be the time to organize your garage. This video from Thrift Diving will provide you with essential tips and tricks for organizing your space. After you have decluttered your space, you will be ready to clean out your garage and create organizational shelves and drawers. With services from a team of garage door installers near Jacksonville, you can adorn your newly organized garage with a brand new door.

    Your garage door installers will work with you to help you pick out a new garage door that matches your home perfectly. From classic carriage doors to sleek flat panel doors, a garage door company can provide you with many different garage door options.

  • What Are Safety Cables?

    When you schedule garage door repairs in Jacksonville, you may want to talk to your technician about the possibility of including a safety cable installation in your garage door spring system . Safety cables are designed to keep the garage door spring from flying out of position in the event of a serious maintenance emergency. Taking the time to install safety cables can also help you prevent the need for significant garage door repairs in the future.

    Once you have decided that safety cables are necessary for your garage door, your garage door experts will be able to quickly and easily install your new cables. The cable is designed to weave through the spring and track, without getting in the way of the system as it lifts and lowers the garage door into position. Spending the time and money to install safety cables can help you prevent thousands of dollars of damage to your car’s windshield or exterior paint.

    safety - cables

  • A Quick Look at the Invention of the Overhead Garage Door

    When you plan a new garage door installation in Jacksonville , you will be benefitting from over a century of innovation. The history of the garage door can be traced back to the start of the 20 th century, when the first passenger cars made their debut. As more and more families purchased cars, a need was created for safe and secure storage. In 1912, an American architect created the first garage, which was modeled after a standard carriage house.

    By 1921, an engineer named C.G. Johnson had created the prototype of the very first overhead garage door. This new garage door slid upwards, instead of swinging out like a carriage house door. With the invention of this new garage door style, the garage became a fixture for modern homes. Johnson also invented the electric garage door opener, which was used to automate the process of lifting and lowering garage doors. Every new garage door to this day can trace its origins to the early designs of C.G. Johnson.

    garage - door

  • The Process of Installing New Weatherstripping

    Garage door installers in Jacksonville, FL make the process look easy , but that’s why they’re the experts. While some aspects of garage door replacement can be dangerous, there are some that are a little more safe and straightforward. Watch this video on the process of installing new weatherstripping.

    Weatherstripping helps seal out exterior air and keep conditioned air inside your space, which can boost your efficiency and help you save money. Once your old weatherstripping is off the doorjamb, use it to measure your new strip and match lengths. Make an initial cut in your strip with a knife, and then use a saw to handle the rest. Set your nails in the trim, then line it up with the jamb and drive the nails in. Now you can caulk the stripping again and paint the area. Cut the top of your stripping at an angle before moving onto the other side.

  • Tips for Picking the Best Garage Door for Your Home

    Before you can go out and set up a new garage door installation in Ponte Vedra, you’ll need to have some idea of what you’re looking for . The best choice will make your home more comfortable and efficient, while also adding aesthetic appeal to your property. Think about the different options you have to choose from when it comes to materials, and look at your existing home design for inspiration. Read on for a few tips for picking the best garage door for your home. garage- door

    Look for Insulation

    One of the nice benefits that a new garage door offers is often overlooked. An insulated door will do a great job of keeping your conditioned air in your house and exterior air out. This means that your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, ultimately lowering your energy bills and even extending the lifespan of your appliances. This can be especially helpful if your garage is a living space, so consider the benefits of insulation next time you’re out looking for a new garage door.

    Choose the Right Material

    Your new garage door may be made of anything from wood to aluminum. The former offers natural beauty at the cost of high maintenance, while the latter is light and durable. If you’re looking for a new garage door that will stay standing through heavy winds and rain, a steel door may be the way to go. Vinyl is another popular material due to its durability and versatility.

    Consider Your Style

    When you purchase a new garage door, you have the opportunity to vastly improve the curb appeal of your home. If you want to make sure you choose the absolute best new garage door for your property, consider its surroundings. Look at the colors and themes already present in your home’s design scheme and work with the garage door experts to choose a door that matches. Remember that the material the garage door is made of will also impact its appearance, so take that factor into consideration when making a decision.

  • The Role of Garage Doors in Hurricane Andrew Damage

    As a resident of the state of Florida, it is very important to make sure that your home is ready to withstand the next major hurricane. By scheduling garage door replacement near Jacksonville , you can rest assured that your home will be protected from hurricane force winds. In fact, a garage door replacement may be your home’s best line of defense against hurricane damage. Studies have shown that garage doors played a major role in household damage during the recent Hurricane Andrew.

    During Hurricane Andrew, homes with low quality garage doors experienced significantly more damage than homes that were equipped with storm proof garage doors. In fact, studies have shown that up to 80 percent of all household damage during Hurricane Andrew was the result of poor garage door construction. Your team of garage door experts can help you pick out and install a new garage door that is equipped with sturdy, hurricane-proof features.

    hurricane - safe - garage

  • Replacing Exterior Weather Stripping

    When you schedule garage door repairs for your home, your technician may recommend that you replace the weather stripping around the garage door itself. In this video, you will take a closer look at how garage door experts replace garage door weather stripping. After the original weather stripping has been removed, the technician will be able to set the new product in place. Scheduling top quality garage door repairs in Jacksonville will help you keep your garage door in perfect condition.

    If your home is in need of garage door repairs , do not hesitate to contact a company that services your local area. By trusting your garage door repairs to the professionals, you can ensure that your garage door remains secure and weatherproof, throughout every season of the year.

  • Resetting Your Garage Door Keypad

    A keypad is a great way to operate your new garage door in Jacksonville, FL, but what happens if you decide to change your access code? As long as you know how to reset your keypad, you won’t find yourself locked out of the house. Check out this video clip to find out how you can go about resetting your garage door keypad.

    If you take a look at the back of your motor, there should be a learn button that allows you to set a code for your garage door. After pressing this button you will typically have about 30 seconds to program the desired code into the system and hold the enter button. To change your code without calling the garage door company, enter your existing code and hold the pound button down. You can then choose a new code, type it in, and hit the enter button again.