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  • Explore the Design Possibilities of a Clopay Door

    If you are planning a new garage door installation near Amelia Beach, be sure to check out the line of doors that are available from Clopay. In this video, you will take a quick look at some of the gorgeous models that are available from the Clopay garage door brand. From modern to contemporary, Clopay offers garage doors that suit every type of home.

    To start exploring the design possibilities for your new garage door, get in touch with a garage door company in your local area. With assistance from a team of garage door specialists, you will be able to select and install the beautiful garage door of your dreams.

  • Understanding Garage Door Sensors

    When you schedule a garage door installation for your home, your new garage door will be equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor system. In fact, federal law mandates that all new garage doors are equipped with safety sensors, which can help to prevent accidents and injuries. During your garage door replacement near Ponte Vedra, take the time to talk to your technician about how garage door sensors work. Here is an overview of what every homeowner needs to know about garage door safety sensors. garage - door

    Garage sensors contain photo eyes.

    The most common component in any garage door sensor is called the photo eye. A sensor system will be equipped with two photo eyes, which are placed at opposite sides of the garage door opening. When the garage door is in operation, the photo eyes will make sure that the door’s path is not obstructed. If the photo eyes are unable to make contact with one another, they will automatically halt the garage door’s closing mechanism until the blockage has been cleared.

    Garage sensors protect your safety.

    Without a garage sensor, your garage door would have no way of detecting whether a person or object is in its path. The invention of the garage door safety sensor has made garage doors much safer for residential use. In the event that a child, pet, or object is in the path of the moving garage door, the sensor system will ensure that the garage door does not shut and cause injury.

    Garage sensors can malfunction.

    It is important to note that, like any other mechanism, garage door sensors are capable of malfunctioning. One of the most common causes of garage sensor issues is a misalignment of the photo eyes. If one of the photo eyes gets pushed out of alignment, it will no longer be able to make contact with the other side of the garage door. When your garage door sensor starts to malfunction, check to make sure that the photo eyes are not experiencing issues.

  • The Advantages of a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

    While the door that you have installed on the front of your garage is obviously very important, it’s the garage door opener that is the heart and soul of the space. Without it, you would have to manually open your garage door each and every time you wanted to use it, and you wouldn’t get the peace of mind that comes along with using a garage door opener in Jacksonville. There are many garage door openers available today, but when it comes time to buy one, you should strongly consider a Liftmaster garage door opener because of these excellent features.

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    Better Mounting Options

    The days of mounting a big, bulky garage door opener on the ceiling of your garage are over. Or at least, they could be over if you opt for one of the Liftmaster models that mounts on the wall of your garage. Options like the Liftmaster Elite Series 8500 will mount on the wall and save you from having to mount your garage door opener on the ceiling. It will also take up a very small amount of space, which will give you more room to enjoy your garage.

    Increased Security

    You obviously don’t want other people to be able to access your garage when you aren’t home. This is why Liftmaster uses a special Security+ 2.0 feature that is unique to their garage door openers. With this additional security, you will be able to use a programmable garage door remote or a key pad located inside of your vehicle to open your garage.

    Amazing Technological Advances

    You don’t need a garage door remote to open some of Liftmaster’s latest models. Instead, all you need is a smartphone. You can sync it right up to your Liftmaster unit and open your garage simply by touching the screen of your phone.

    Reliable Battery Backup

    If the power in your home ever goes out, you’re going to want to have battery backup so that you don’t lose the ability to open your garage. Every Liftmaster garage door opener comes with battery backup built right into it.