Garage Door Opener FAQ

FAQ About Garage Door Openers for Jacksonville, FL

At A1A Overhead Door in Jacksonville, FL, we're passionate about providing our customers with the knowledge and services they need to ensure their garage door openers function reliably and safely. Whether your opener needs to be repaired, maintained, replaced, or inspected, you can depend on our team to handle your services with the highest level of quality. Below is a comprehensive FAQ section tailored to answer all your pressing questions about garage door openers and the professional services we offer. If you want professionals best equipped to maintain the quality, function, and safety of your garage door’s operation, we’re here to serve you.

How Do I Choose a Suitable Garage Door Opener?

When choosing a garage door opener, consider your door's size, weight, desired features such as smart-home connectivity, security options such as rolling codes, physical space limitations, and budget. It is also essential to evaluate your clearance spaces above and at the sides of the door because it will help determine where the opener should be mounted. Our team is always ready to assist you in making the best choice for your home. We can provide quality installation after you find the right garage door opener.

What Safety Features Should a Garage Door Opener Have?

Safety features are essential in any garage door opener. Look for auto-reverse mechanisms, safety beams that prevent the door from closing if something is in the way, and rolling code technology for security against unauthorized access. Having a battery backup system is also recommended to ensure your garage can open, close, and stay protected in the event of a power outage.

What are the Types of Garage Door Openers? How Are They Different?

There are three primary types of garage door openers: chain-drive, belt-drive, and screw-drive. Each has different characteristics in terms of noise level, durability, and maintenance requirements. We'll help you weigh these options and find a perfect fit. Here's what they do and how they function:


These use a metal chain to open and close the door, similar to a bicycle's chain. They are known for their durability and strength, making them suitable for heavy garage doors. Chain-drivers tend to be noisier than other types, which might be a consideration for attached garages. They are often more affordable than belt-drive and screw-drive openers, offering a good balance between cost and performance.


Belt drives employ a rubber belt instead of a chain, significantly reducing noise during operation. They are ideal for homes with living spaces above or adjacent to the garage due to their quiet performance.

Screw Drive

This kind uses a threaded steel rod to lift and close the garage door. Known for their opening and closing speed, they provide quicker access than chain and belt-drive openers. They require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts, making them a reliable choice for many homeowners.

What is Rolling Code and How Does It Work?

Rolling code is a security feature that was invented in the 1990s to replace dip-switch security technology and enhance protection. It changes the access code each time the garage door opener is used, preventing code theft and unauthorized entry. This technology ensures that only your remote can open your garage door. Rolling code makes it virtually impossible for hackers or intruders to take control or override your security system.

Why Should I Get Professional Garage Door Opener Services?

Professional garage door opener services ensure that your opener is installed and functioning correctly and safely. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle any installation or repair needs efficiently. We also provide regular maintenance checks to keep openers in optimal condition. Allow us to handle your garage opener repair, maintenance, installation, and other necessary garage door services.

What is a Garage Door Opener's Lifespan?

The usual lifespan of a garage door opener is up to 20 years, sometimes longer, depending on usage, maintenance, and quality. Regular service can extend its life.

When Should I Get My Garage Door Opener Serviced?

We recommend servicing your garage door opener annually to ensure it operates smoothly. However, if you notice unusual noises or slow movement, or if it has been over a year since the last service, it is time to call us.

What are Garage Door Safety Beams?

Safety beams are infrared sensors that detect objects in the path of a closing garage door. If it detects people, animals, or objects, the door will stop and begin rolling back again to prevent accidents. Safety beams are essential because they ensure the safety of valuable belongings and loved ones and prevent the garage door from rolling up or down when it should be out of operation.

Can My Garage Door Open During a Power Outage?

Most garage door openers come with a manual release that allows you to open and close the door manually during a power outage. However, knowing your opener's make and model is essential to determine if it has a manual release. You can also install an emergency release lock outside the garage as an additional opening alternative, but it would need to be installed separately.

My Garage Door Won't Move After Pushing My Garage Door Opener. What's Wrong?

There may be a power issue, something blocking the door's tracks, or mechanical issues within the opener itself. If your box runs on electrical power, connect another electronic device to the outlet that connects to the opener. If this device fails to power on after being inserted into the outlet, then you should check your fuse boxes and circuit breakers. You can also double-check to see if the garage door is locked. If you can't fix or find a solution yourself, you may need professional help. We will happily come to your property, evaluate your garage door opener, and determine its malfunction’s exact cause.

Where Do I Get a New Remote Control Garage Door Opener?

Contact A1A Overhead Door. We can guide and direct you to the right garage door opener provider that can give you a solution for your garage door make, model, and brand. There are many for you to review and select an opener to suit your functional and operational needs. We're highly knowledgeable and trained on an array of industry-renowned and leading garage door products, materials, and brands to accompany your garage door opener purchase.

How Can I Get My Wireless Keypad to Open and Close My Garage Door Opener?

Instructions vary by model, but we can assist with programming or provide you with specific steps for your keypad. Modern keypad manufacturers will also often provide programming directions in their manuals or on their websites, making it easy for you to fulfill seamless transitions and operations at the click of a button.

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