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Residential Garage Door Services in Jacksonville, FL

An important part of feeling comfortable at home is knowing that everything is in good shape. If your garage door is in disrepair, for example, you might be nervous about how well it will fare during the next hurricane.

The garage door repair professionals at A1A Overhead Door Company provide high-quality garage door repairs for Jacksonville residents. We can ensure that your garage door is as beautiful, functional, and as secure as possible.

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Important Maintenance Tasks

To maximize your garage door’s lifespan, you’ll need to dedicate some time to maintenance. While there are some tasks you can do yourself, others are best left to the professionals.
  • Lubricate the Hinges: If your garage door creaks whenever it opens or closes, it’s time to lubricate the hinges. Experts recommend applying a small amount of lubricant twice a year.
  • Paint/Stain the Door: Depending on your garage door material, you may need to paint or stain your door to maintain its elegant appearance. Vinyl doors do not require any painting or staining.
  • Rebalance the Door: If your door is out of balance, your opener may wear out prematurely. It’s a good idea to perform a garage door balance test once a month or so.

Benefits of Professional Repair

Like other homeowners, you probably get some pride out of performing household repairs yourself. However, hiring a garage door company has a number of benefits.

No Risk of Injury

There are many ways to get injured when performing DIY garage door repairs—particularly when working with the springs. To eliminate your risk of injury, have a trained professional provide repairs.

Thorough Repairs

Though you may be able to make a few minor fixes, larger jobs may be more than you can handle. A professional can provide significant repair services that last a long time.

Maximum Safety

Poor repairs won’t just cost you more down the road—they may also compromise your safety. A garage door expert will ensure that your garage door stands up to strong winds and persistent burglars.

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Hurricane Code Compliance

By law, all Florida garage doors must comply with the state’s Hurricane Code. According to the Florida Alliance for Safe Homes, 80% of the damage caused by Hurricane Andrew occurred as a result of wind entry through garage doors.

Some garage door companies in Jacksonville sell subpar garage doors for very low prices, putting Jacksonville residents at great risk.

A1A Overhead Door Company, on the other hand, is committed to the safety of Jacksonville residents. If you suspect that your garage door isn’t up to code, or if it requires any kind of repairs or maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us we will fix your garage door.