Muay Thai for Warriors

Community Involvement Is Important to Our Team

A1A Overhead Door is one of the foremost providers of garage door repairs in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding communities. We have a sterling reputation for delivering outstanding products and services, but we are also involved in our community. One of the ways we do so is through our involvement and support of Muay Thai for Warriors, an organization benefiting police officers, military personnel, and firefighters.
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Why We Support Muay Thai for Warriors

Suicide rates among veterans, law enforcement officers, and firefighters are alarmingly high. Studies have concluded with empirical research that Muay Thai training promotes the following:
  • Psychological Wellbeing: Police officers, firefighters, and veterans are all at risk of mental health issues due to the nature of their work. Muay Thai is a healthy coping mechanism.
  • Purpose and Meaning: Muay Thai has helped countless heroes find meaning and purpose, especially when they have left the military or their field.
  • Social Relationships: No one can box alone. Muay Thai matches are defined by mutual respect, making it ideal for someone struggling to establish relationships.
Muay thai boxing happening in the ring, FL

We’re Proud to Sponsor Muay Thai for Warriors

Our company needs to make a strong impression on our community. We genuinely care about the residents of Jacksonville and the surrounding communities, and our team wants to find ways to give back. If you are a veteran, police officer, or firefighter, we believe Muay Thai could be a great fit for you to find your footing again. We can direct you to Muay Thai for Warriors so you can get started with your healing.