Hurricane Code

Florida Hurricane Codes for Garage Doors

Florida is extremely burdened by hurricanes and tropical storms nearly every year. In order to reduce the amount of property damage and insurance claims for these yearly occurrences, Florida legislature passed the Hurricane Code, which implemented standards for home products and appliances that about withstand hurricanes and reasonably reduce the risk of extreme damage. This Code has a specific section governing garage doors as well as other structural elements of a typical home.
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Does Your Garage Door Comply With the Code?

Hurricanes can cause serious damage to your garage doors and thereby threaten the safety and structure of your entire home. Some elements that pose such risks include the following:
  • High wind from a hurricane can cause overhead doors to buckle, especially if they are not properly reinforced.
  • Debris being carried by the wind can projectile at high velocities.
  • Reduced air pressure inside the home can reach magnitudes that can cause severe roof damage.
There are much more reasons for you to take proper measures to protect your home from hurricane damage.
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Hurricane Garage Door Installation Repairs in Florida

A1A Overhead Door Company knows which garage doors are permitted under the Florida Hurricane Code. We offer top-of-the-line products that are not only highly resistant to hurricanes, but are also functional, attractive, and raise the value of your home.

For a free quote on our hurricane garage door installation and repair in Jacksonville, contact us today. For your own convenience, please call our location nearest to you.

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