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  • Three Things to Consider When You’re Shopping for a Garage Door

    Garage door replacement is a smart way to boost the appearance, value, and efficiency of your home. If you’re in the market for a new garage door in Jacksonville, FL , then here are three things that you should be sure to consider before making your decision:


    Of course, appearance should be a significant part of the decision-making process when selecting a new garage door. After all, if your garage faces the road, then this aspect of your home’s exterior can have a big impact on your property’s curb appeal. For this reason, when considering your options, be sure to think about what garage door color and style might be best suited to your home’s style and color.


    One way in which one garage door can differ from another is in its insulating qualities. This factor matters because even if your garage isn’t one of the heated or air-conditioned areas of your home, choosing an insulated option for your new garage door may improve your home’s energy efficiency and contribute to lower home heating and cooling costs. How much insulation a garage door can provide can depend on its material. For example, aluminum and steel garage doors are usually less insulating than those made of other materials. However, there are many garage doors available that are insulated to provide better thermal efficiency. Typically, for any home that has an attached garage, choosing an insulated model for this home investment can be a wise decision.


    Installing a new garage door is a way to add better safety and security to your home. For example, by choosing a garage door system that includes an electronic keypad, your garage may be less at risk for theft. Also, if you live in an area that gets tornadoes or hurricanes, then investing in a garage door that is designed to withstand heavy winds can be a smart option that helps provide extra protection for your property.

  • How to Park in the Right Spot in Your Garage

    How to Park in the Right Spot in Your Garage

    Judging when you are far enough from your new garage door in Jacksonville, FL when parking in your garage isn’t always an easy task. If you struggle to park your car exactly where you want it when you get home, then watch this video for a simple trick to try.

    Start by getting your car where you would like to park it. Next, find yourself a tennis ball, some nylon string, and two eye hooks. Then, twist one of the eye hooks into the tennis ball before tying the string to the eye hook. Lastly, twist the second eye hook into the garage ceiling and then tie the other end of the string to the eyehook so that the tennis ball rests against the windshield. Now, you will know exactly where to stop when parking your car in your garage.

  • A Look at the Financial Benefits of Getting a New Garage Door

    New garage doors offer plenty of aesthetic and functional benefits, but they can be wallet-friendly as well. If you’re on the fence about garage door replacement in Amelia Beach , then read on to learn about some of the financial benefits of installing a new garage door.

    Avoiding Repairs

    It’s common for homeowners to choose repairs over replacement when it comes to garage door issues, as the investment required for the former is typically significantly less than that of the latter. While it’s true that garage door repair can often be the financially smart option, it isn’t always the case. For example, if you’re frequently calling a garage door repair company for one reason or another, then investing in a new garage door may be the cost-saving choice in the long run.

    Improving Efficiency

    Cooler weather has arrived, and if you’re like many homeowners, then you’re taking care of home maintenance tasks that help seal up your home and prevent heat loss and higher heating bills. Besides plugging up gaps around your windows and installing door sweeps, another way to improve your home’s insulation is to replace your old garage door, as newer ones tend to have better insulating qualities.

    Increasing Value

    A better-looking garage door can do a lot to enhance the look of your home, which means better curb appeal for your property and the potential for higher home value. Also, replacing your garage door may boost the value of your home in the same way that installing new windows or appliances would.

    Preventing Theft

    One final financial benefit to consider if you’re dealing with an out of shape garage door is that a new, well-functioning one may do a better job of protecting your property. For example, a garage door that is stuck open or that can be opened by anyone can be an invitation for theft. Lastly, you can choose to have your new garage door installed with an electronic keypad for an added level of security.

  • See Garage Door Manufacturing in Action

    There are numerous garage doors available on the market for homeowners to choose from. Depending on your needs and tastes, you can find virtually any material, size, or style of door for your home’s garage. It’s important, however, to make sure that your garage door is from a reputable manufacturer and that it is installed in your Jacksonville, FL home by an experienced professional. A quality garage door is one that opens and closes smoothly, that stays airtight when it is closed, and that holds up well to repeated use. Have you ever wondered just what goes into the making of a garage door? This video provides a unique window into the process of manufacturing a typical residential garage door.

  • Is Now the Right Time to Update Your Garage Door?

    How often do you need to replace your garage door? There’s no automatic answer to the question—it depends on a number of factors. If you have drastically upgraded or changed the appearance of the rest of your house, you might want to replace your garage door so that it matches your new style. You may also want to consider replacing your garage door if it has been badly damaged by a natural disaster. If your current door is constantly breaking down and requiring professional repair, it may be more practical for you to simply replace it. You may even want to replace your current garage door if it lacks the seals and insulation necessary to keep your household energy-efficient. Whatever your reason for wanting a new garage door, you should be sure to have it professionally installed by a dependable garage door company in the area of Jacksonville, FL.

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  • Going Green at Home? How to Pick an Eco-Friendly Garage Door

    Today’s homeowners are increasingly concerned about the need to conserve energy, both to protect their pocketbooks and help preserve the environment. When you’re trying to think of ways to make your home more environmentally friendly, your garage door may not immediately jump to mind. In fact, having an energy-efficient garage door is essential for any eco-friendly household. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new garage door in Jacksonville, FL. eco - friendly


    You can find garage doors that are made from a wide variety of materials, but the most common are steel, aluminum, and wood. Steel is considered to be the hardiest and most durable material, and layered steel will hold up well against denting and potential damage. Aluminum is another popular material, but its insulation value is lower than that of steel. Finally, wood is popular among many homeowners because of its classic, traditional look.


    If your garage isn’t properly insulated, it means that it will leak air and oblige you to spend more energy keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. The insulating power of a garage door is measured by its R value; the higher the value, the more effective the insulation is. Added insulation also has the benefit of making your garage more soundproof. Whatever type of material you settle on for your new garage door, you should be sure to select one that has a high R value.

    Air leakage

    Finally, you need to make sure that your garage door doesn’t allow any air to escape from your garage when it is closed. Adding seals and weather-stripping to your garage door is a good way to help to ensure that it stays airtight and impermeable. You also need to make sure that your garage door is professionally installed—faulty installation can easily result in air leakage.

  • Is Your Garage Ready for Hurricane Season?

    The beginning of summer marks the start of hurricane season in Florida. During a hurricane, your garage may be exposed to harsh rain, high winds, and other brutal weather conditions. With preventative garage door repairs from a team of garage door experts in Ponte Vedra, you will be able to make sure that your garage door is ready to remain intact during the next hurricane. If you are wondering whether you need to schedule garage door repairs , here are some signs that your garage door is ready for hurricane season. garage - hurricane

    Your Tracks and Hardware Are In Good Condition

    The strong winds that come with a hurricane can easily rip a flimsy garage door off of its tracks. To prepare your garage for the upcoming hurricane season, you should take the time to inspect the quality and condition of your tracks and hardware. In the event that you find that your garage’s major support systems seem to be weakened or otherwise compromised, it may be time to set up a garage door repair appointment.

    Your Garage Door Is Fairly New

    Older garage doors can pose serious safety threats during a big storm. When a hurricane makes landfall in your area, you will want to be protected by the strength and stability that is offered by a newer model of garage door. A company that offers garage door installation can help you choose and install a brand-new door that has specifically engineered with withstand hurricane conditions.

    You Have Installed Special Stabilizers or Supports

    If you want to keep your existing garage door, you can strengthen your current model with special stabilizing panels and support bars. By adding extra reinforcement to your garage doors, you can prevent high winds from compromising the structural integrity of your garage. For additional information about how to protect your garage during the next hurricane that strikes your area, be sure to get in touch with a top-rated garage door installation and repair company.

  • Tips for Getting Your Garage Organized

    If your new garage door is covering a garage space that is filled with clutter, now may be the time to organize your garage. This video from Thrift Diving will provide you with essential tips and tricks for organizing your space. After you have decluttered your space, you will be ready to clean out your garage and create organizational shelves and drawers. With services from a team of garage door installers near Jacksonville, you can adorn your newly organized garage with a brand new door.

    Your garage door installers will work with you to help you pick out a new garage door that matches your home perfectly. From classic carriage doors to sleek flat panel doors, a garage door company can provide you with many different garage door options.

  • What Are R-Values?

    When you are shopping for a new garage door near Amelia Beach , you may encounter certain terms and phrases that may seem unfamiliar. R-value, for example, is a common term that is used to measure the insulation of a garage door. To ensure that your new garage door installation offers the proper level of insulation, you will need to shop for a product that has a high thermal value.

    In its most basic sense, the R-value of a garage door is a unit that measures its resistance to heat flow. A new garage door that has a high R-value will offer better thermal resistance, which will help to improve the energy efficiency of your garage and your entire home. If you want to make sure that your garage door remains securely insulated when you are using your HVAC system to heat or cool your home, you will want to shop for a product that has an R-value of R-12 or higher. Garage doors with R-values of R-8 or lower offer very little insulation.

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  • Repair or Replace: Which Is Right for Your Garage Door?

    There are a few different factors to look at when your garage door stops working as efficiently as it once did. You can use these factors to help determine whether you’re in need of garage door repair in Fernandina Beach, FL or it’s time for a new garage door altogether. Think about how old the door is, what kind of damage you’re dealing with, and how much it might cost to get all of the necessary repairs done. Remember, you can always ask the garage door experts for help. Keep reading to see if repair or replacement is right for your garage door. garage - door

    Age of the Door

    There’s no use spending a bunch of money to fix a garage door that has been holding on by a thread for years. If yours is on its way out and suffers some kind of malfunction, take this time to invest in a new garage door. New garage doors come with many benefits that older models don’t, so a new one could be a nice upgrade for your home. If your door is on the younger side, however, it may be a better idea to seek repair instead.

    Extent of the Damage

    Another factor that may influence whether you should seek repair or garage door replacement is the extent of the damage that’s been done. Oftentimes minor cosmetic damage can be taken care of, but more severe mechanical problems might warrant garage door replacement. You can always have your garage door experts take a look at your door to determine exactly how bad the damage is and decide whether repair or replacement is the way to go.

    Cost of Repairs

    As is the case with any other broken appliance, it’s a god idea to consider the cost of repairs versus the cost of replacement. If a repair won’t set you back too much, it might be worthwhile. If your garage door is in such need of repair that the costs might rival that of a new garage door, on the other hand, it’s probably a better idea to go ahead and invest in a new one.