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  • Preparing Your Garage Door for Severe Weather

    The state of Florida has been hit hard by hurricane season this year. With more storms on the horizon, it is more important than ever to make sure that your property is ready for high winds and heavy rains. With services from a garage door company near Jacksonville , you can upgrade your current garage door or purchase a new garage door that has been engineered to withstand hurricane conditions. Here is a quick overview on how you can prepare your garage door for severe weather. green - garage

    Seal Out Wind and Rain

    When a hurricane makes landfall, it will bring extreme winds and punishing rains to the surrounding areas. To ensure that your garage door is ready for a hurricane, take the time to make sure that it has been properly sealed against the elements. A trained technician can provide you with special weather stripping that has been specifically engineered to keep the elements out of your indoor spaces.

    Consider Strengthening Services

    Your garage door company may be able to provide you with improvements that will make your existing door stronger and sturdier. During a strengthening service, your technician will identify any points of weakness around your garage door. These areas will be bolstered using brackets or support bars. Depending on the building codes in your area, having a properly strengthened and secured garage door may be a requirement for your home.

    Purchase a New Door

    In some cases, strengthening and weather stripping may not be effective enough to ensure that your garage door is hurricane-ready. If you are concerned that your existing garage door is not durable enough to remain intact during a hurricane, it may be time to purchase a brand new unit. New garage doors come with hurricane-proof equipment, such as reinforcement bars and thick weather stripping. Purchasing a brand new garage door will provide you with better peace of mind during hurricane season.

  • The Rustic Charm of Carriage Doors

    A new garage door can make a grand statement in the entrance of your home. If you are shopping for a new garage door that is anything but ordinary, consider shopping for a carriage door. Carriage doors are unique because they slide horizontally to open. Unlike a traditional garage door, your carriage door will part in the middle when you press your garage door opener. A team of garage door installers near Jacksonville can walk you through the different carriage door options that are available for your home.

    There are many terrific benefits to choosing carriage doors for your property. When you install your new carriage doors, you will provide your property with the appeal of a country house. Carriage doors can also be adorned with special features, such as engraved panels, glass windows, and metal accents. Set up a consultation with your local garage door company to learn more about how new carriage doors can transform your home.

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  • Quick Facts About Florida’s Hurricane Code for Garages

    If you are gearing up for a new garage door installation for your Florida home, it is critical to make sure that your new garage door complies with Florida’s hurricane codes . During a major hurricane, an improperly secured garage door can experience catastrophic damage. With services from your local garage door experts in Ponte Vedra, you will have no problem finding a garage door that is up to hurricane code.

    There are a few key points of information to keep in mind about Florida’s hurricane code. All new garage doors must be wind rated for speeds of a minimum of 120 miles per hour. Along with ensuring that your garage door is wind rated, you will also need to check to make sure that your unit has been rated to withstand the impact of flying debris. Most garage doors that have been built to comply with hurricane codes come with hurricane rating stickers.

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  • Spotting the Symptoms of a Garage Door Spring Failure

    Garage door spring failure can put your overhead door completely out of commission. With routine garage door services from a team of garage door experts near Ponte Vedra, you can spot the signs of a broken garage door spring before the problem becomes serious. Between your appointments for garage door repairs, you can take the time to inspect the condition and functionality of your garage door spring. Some symptoms of a garage door spring failure include the following: garage - springs

    Disconnected Cables

    If your garage door opener appears to have broken or disconnected cables, the problem may actually lie in its spring system. One of the major roles of the garage door spring is to hold the cables in place while the garage door opens and closes. When you notice that one of your garage door cables appears to be swinging from side to side or hanging to the ground, this is an indication that your spring is in need of immediate attention from a trained repair technician.

    Slow or Partial Opening

    When your garage door spring is broken, it may prevent your door from opening up all the way. If you suddenly find that your garage door stops opening after it is only a few inches off of the ground, you might be in need of significant spring repairs. An improperly adjusted or broken spring will prevent the garage door from opening any further than safety will allow. While a partially opening garage door may feel inconvenient, your spring is actually protecting your system from significant damage.

    Loud Noises

    A properly functioning garage door will slide smoothly and quietly up and down its track. In the event that you hear a loud banging or clanging sound after you press your garage door opener, this may be a symptom of a broken spring. The moment that your spring breaks, it will release a large amount of tension. As the tension is relieved from the spring, a loud, scary noise may occur.

  • Behind the Door: Keeping Your Garage Organized

    While installing a new garage door in Jacksonville can improve the exterior appearance of your garage, you may still have a cluttered mess to deal with behind the scenes. This video from Thrift Diving provides an overview of some tips and tricks that you can use to keep your garage organized. The first phase of organizing a garage is to move all of your items out of the space. With your garage cleared, you can easily clean and sort through your stuff.

    To get started on your garage door makeover, plan ahead for a new garage door installation. A team of garage door experts can help you choose a brand new door that perfectly matches the overall style of your home.

  • Is Your Garage Door Energy Efficient?

    Energy efficiency is a major priority for today’s homeowners. If you want to reduce your energy bills, while also helping to save the environment, consider investing in a new garage door . Purchasing a brand new garage door near Amelia Beach can provide your home with a dramatic boost in efficiency. As you are comparing models for your garage door installation, it is critical to keep the basic principles of efficiency in mind. Here is an overview of the qualities of an energy efficient garage door. energy - efficient

    High R Value

    The energy efficiency of a garage door is represented through a measurement of its R value. R value is calculated by looking at factors such as insulation, material, and heat transfer resistance. Garage doors with higher R values offer better energy efficiency, throughout the seasons. As you are comparing various garage doors for your upcoming installation, look for a model that boasts a high R value. Your garage door company can provide you with tips and trick for evaluating R values of various garage doors.

    Durable Materials

    An energy efficient garage door needs to be constructed out of a material that is thick and sturdy. Some of the most popular types of garage door materials include steel, aluminum, and wood. If you are seeking the best efficiency from your new door, consider investing in a unit that has been constructed out of low gauge steel. When thick, low gauge steel is combined with insulation materials, it will provide fantastic energy efficiency. If you are seeking a natural wood garage door, composite wood will provide better efficiency than solid wood panels.

    Added Insulation

    When energy efficiency is a top concern for your new garage door installation, you may want to choose a model that comes with added insulation features. Many of today’s garage door manufacturers add polyurethane foam insulation to their new doors. Polyurethane foam will prevent heat from transferring between the surface of the garage door and the outside air. The thicker your door’s insulation, the better energy efficiency it will provide for your home.

  • Creating a Faux Wood Finish on Your Garage

    If you want to revamp the appearance of your garage door, but want to avoid the expenses associated with purchasing a new garage door in Jacksonville, consider creating a faux wood finish on your aluminum doors. This video demonstrates the steps of painting your garage doors with a mahogany finish. After you have painted your garage doors a solid shade of brown, you can mimic the color of mahogany using a gel finish.

    Whether you are ready for a garage door replacement, or you want to spruce up your current doors, trust the experts of a local garage door company . Your technicians will have access to the special tools that are needed to paint, repair, and restore your garage door to beautiful condition.

  • FAQs About Garage Door Safety

    Garage doors add convenience and security to our daily lives. However, when your new garage door is not operated and maintained properly, it can pose a safety hazard to yourself and your loved ones. A team of garage door experts near Fernandina Beach can provide you with detailed safety information about your new garage door. By taking the time to learn the ins and outs of operating your new garage door safely, you can avoid an unfortunate mishap in your garage. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about garage door safety. garage - doors

    How can I keep my children safe around my garage door?

    Parents of young children are often concerned about how they can protect their kids from garage door accidents. Education is key for keeping your children safe in the garage. When you schedule a new garage door installation, take the time to teach your kids about the dangers of playing around your door. You can also install your garage door opener up high so that it is out of reach of small hands.

    Should I fix garage door problems on my own?

    One of the most dangerous things that you can do around your garage door is attempting to perform your own repairs. Your door is held in place by a sophisticated system of springs and cables, which can become dangerously misadjusted without proper repairs. To ensure the safety of your garage door and opener, always hire a professional technician to perform your maintenance procedures.

    How can I tell if my garage door needs servicing?

    A garage door that has not been properly maintained will pose a safety risk to your household. To determine when it is time to schedule emergency repairs for your door, take the time to perform a thorough inspection once a month. During the inspection, you can review the condition of your pulleys, springs, cables, and other critical system. If something appears to be off, contact your repair company immediately.

  • Why You Should Leave Garage Door Installation to the Pros

    Whether you have just moved into a new house, or you want to boost the value of the home that you have lived in for years, a new garage installation is a great investment. If you think that you can save time and money by installing a new garage door on your own, think again. A team of garage door experts near Jacksonville should always be hired to perform new garage door installations. If you are wondering whether you need to contact a garage door company for your upcoming project, here are three reasons why you should leave garage door installation to the pros. garage - door

    Peace of Mind

    One of the best reasons to schedule professional installation services for your new garage door is that your technicians will provide you with better peace of mind, throughout the entire process. You can rest assured that your team will install your garage door safely and check to make sure that your unit is functioning safely. For additional assurance, your company may also provide you with a warranty for your installation.

    Additional Experience

    Installing a garage door is a complicated procedure that involves special tools and delicate equipment. A team of garage door installation experts will have the experience and tools that are needed to install your garage door. Rather than struggling with the process of installing a garage door on your own, you can rely on the knowledge and expertise of your garage door company.

    Time Savings

    When you leave your garage door installation to the pros, you can save valuable time in your busy schedule. Your technicians will take care of every aspect of the installation, so you will be able to go about your daily routine, without needing to worry about the process. If you are gearing up to install a new garage door on your property, now is a terrific time to receive an installation quote from a team of local garage door installers.

  • Recognizing the Advantages of Replacing Your Garage Door

    If you are like many homeowners, chances are that you don’t think much about your garage door. However, when you are planning on upgrading your home, installing a new garage door will provide you with a great return on your investment. With services from a company that offers garage door installation near Ponte Vedra, you can pick out a new garage door that enhances the style, security, and efficiency of your entire home. Some of the benefits of replacing your garage door are as follows: garage - door

    Boost Home Value

    When you remove your old garage door and replace it with a brand new one, you can boost the overall value of your home. New garage doors enhance the curb appeal of properties, and can make homes much more appealing to prospective buyers. In fact, real estate agents can use new garage door installations as key selling points for their listings. If you want to get a great price for your house, consider a new garage door installation.

    Increase Household Safety

    An old garage door can be a key point of vulnerability for your home’s security system. If a criminal is able to gain access to your garage, he may be able to break into your home. With a brand new garage door installation, you can dramatically boost the safety of your household. For total peace of mind, shop for a garage door that includes the latest security features, such as keypad access and remote operation.

    Improve Energy Efficiency

    You may be surprised to learn that your garage door may be hurting the energy efficiency of your home. In fact, houses with older models of garage doors are much less efficient than homes that have newly insulated garage door installations. When you are shopping for a new garage door that will boost the energy efficiency of your home, seek out a product that boasts a high R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating properties of the door.