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Troubleshooting Common Causes Of Garage Door Malfunctions.

Garage doors are complex systems that contain many different sophisticated mechanical and electrical components. When you find that your garage door is broken, you should always trust your repairs to a team of garage door experts in Jacksonville . By setting up professional garage door repairs, you can make sure that your repair problem has been properly identified and safely fixed. Learning to troubleshoot your garage door issues will help you determine when it is time to call in your garage door experts. Let’s review some of the most common causes of garage door malfunctions. Garage - Door - Repair

Misaligned Photo Eye

The photo eye is a common component in modern garage doors. Using state of the art motion sensing technology, the photo eye is able to determine if there is a person or object that is obstructing the garage door’s path as it closes. If the photo eyes are misaligned or improperly adjusted, they may be preventing the garage door from closing. Repairing the photo eye may be able to restore function to your garage doors.

Improperly Adjusted Tracks

In order to move up and down, your garage door travels on a set of tracks. When the tracks become improperly adjusted, the garage door may become stuck as it is in motion. If you have noticed that your garage doors are moving more slowly than usual, a track adjustment issue may also be to blame. Your garage repair technician can gently move the tracks back into place, thereby allowing your doors to move smoothly up and down.

Broken Garage Door Spring

A broken garage door spring can cause the total failure of your system. If a garage door spring breaks suddenly, it may make a loud cracking or banging sound. Without a properly adjusted torsion spring, your garage door will become very dangerous as it opens and closes. To prevent accident or injury, you should have your garage door spring professionally repaired as soon as possible after the break occurs.