Spotting the Signs of Garage Door Trouble

A faulty garage door can be hazardous, which is why you should recognize the problems that might warrant garage door repairs in Jacksonville, FL. The sooner you spot the signs, the sooner you can fix your garage door and enjoy a safe and efficient household. A malfunctioning garage door might increase your energy bills, operate poorly or erratically, or even produce loud sounds as it moves up and down the tracks. Continue reading for help in spotting the signs of garage door trouble.

car standing in a garage

Expensive Energy Bills

One of the responsibilities of your garage door is to keep your home insulated by separating the outdoor air from the conditioned air inside your house. When your garage door fails to provide you with this insulation, your HVAC appliances will require extra energy to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Since your HVAC appliances will use more energy, your bills will be more expensive. This can be particularly noticeable if your garage door no longer closes flush with the ground. If you notice that your energy bills have increased despite similar use of your appliances, have a professional take a look at your garage door.

Faulty Operation

A working garage door will move smoothly and efficiently up and down its tracks. If it seems to struggle at a certain point in the trajectory, it’s a good idea to call your garage door expert and have it inspected. You should also keep an eye out to make sure your garage door is moving at an appropriate speed; doors that slip or move too quickly can present safety hazards for you and your family. These troubles could be due to broken springs, faulty rollers, or other problems with individual components.

Loud Noises

After using your garage door a few times, you should have an idea of what it should sound like when it operates. If you notice any strange, loud sounds, you could be dealing with an issue. Springs tend to make loud sounds when they snap, which can be a serious problem and should be addressed by a professional.