Get the Facts About Garage Door Springs and Cables

When you press the open or close button on your garage door opener, do you know what actually goes into making your garage door go up or down? Very few homeowners spend the time to learn about their garage door parts. You should familiarize yourself with garage door springs and cables, though, so that you can understand exactly how your garage door opener in Jacksonville works. Here are a few facts that you should know about these important garage door parts.

man servicing a garage door

Garage Door Springs Are Responsible for Lifting and Closing Your Door

When you open or close your garage door, you have your garage door spring to thank for it. Garage door springs are tightly wound springs that are responsible for providing the push or pull your garage door needs to move. They connect to your garage door cables and, often times, homeowners will mistakenly think that the cables are broken when there is an issue with the springs. Simply knowing this will allow you to diagnose problems with your spring so that you can call to have garage door repairs done.

Garage Door Springs Need to Be Maintained Properly

All of your garage door parts need to be maintained, but it’s especially important that you maintain your spring. Garage door springs are under an immense amount of pressure, and they must be lubricated at all times to do their jobs. Your garage door opener will not function the way it is supposed to without your spring working at full strength, so you should have garage door maintenance done regularly to keep your springs in good working order.

Garage Door Springs Should Only Be Repaired by a Professional

If you suspect that your garage door springs or cables are not working the way they should, you should not attempt to repair them on your own. Your spring could snap on you if you try and mess with it, and it could cause you to sustain a serious injury. Have all garage door repairs made by a professional to avoid any problems.