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Spotting the Symptoms of a Garage Door Spring Failure

Garage door spring failure can put your overhead door completely out of commission. With routine garage door services from a team of garage door experts near Ponte Vedra, you can spot the signs of a broken garage door spring before the problem becomes serious. Between your appointments for garage door repairs, you can take the time to inspect the condition and functionality of your garage door spring. Some symptoms of a garage door spring failure include the following: garage - springs

Disconnected Cables

If your garage door opener appears to have broken or disconnected cables, the problem may actually lie in its spring system. One of the major roles of the garage door spring is to hold the cables in place while the garage door opens and closes. When you notice that one of your garage door cables appears to be swinging from side to side or hanging to the ground, this is an indication that your spring is in need of immediate attention from a trained repair technician.

Slow or Partial Opening

When your garage door spring is broken, it may prevent your door from opening up all the way. If you suddenly find that your garage door stops opening after it is only a few inches off of the ground, you might be in need of significant spring repairs. An improperly adjusted or broken spring will prevent the garage door from opening any further than safety will allow. While a partially opening garage door may feel inconvenient, your spring is actually protecting your system from significant damage.

Loud Noises

A properly functioning garage door will slide smoothly and quietly up and down its track. In the event that you hear a loud banging or clanging sound after you press your garage door opener, this may be a symptom of a broken spring. The moment that your spring breaks, it will release a large amount of tension. As the tension is relieved from the spring, a loud, scary noise may occur.