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Is Your Garage Door Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a major priority for today’s homeowners. If you want to reduce your energy bills, while also helping to save the environment, consider investing in a new garage door . Purchasing a brand new garage door near Amelia Beach can provide your home with a dramatic boost in efficiency. As you are comparing models for your garage door installation, it is critical to keep the basic principles of efficiency in mind. Here is an overview of the qualities of an energy efficient garage door. energy - efficient

High R Value

The energy efficiency of a garage door is represented through a measurement of its R value. R value is calculated by looking at factors such as insulation, material, and heat transfer resistance. Garage doors with higher R values offer better energy efficiency, throughout the seasons. As you are comparing various garage doors for your upcoming installation, look for a model that boasts a high R value. Your garage door company can provide you with tips and trick for evaluating R values of various garage doors.

Durable Materials

An energy efficient garage door needs to be constructed out of a material that is thick and sturdy. Some of the most popular types of garage door materials include steel, aluminum, and wood. If you are seeking the best efficiency from your new door, consider investing in a unit that has been constructed out of low gauge steel. When thick, low gauge steel is combined with insulation materials, it will provide fantastic energy efficiency. If you are seeking a natural wood garage door, composite wood will provide better efficiency than solid wood panels.

Added Insulation

When energy efficiency is a top concern for your new garage door installation, you may want to choose a model that comes with added insulation features. Many of today’s garage door manufacturers add polyurethane foam insulation to their new doors. Polyurethane foam will prevent heat from transferring between the surface of the garage door and the outside air. The thicker your door’s insulation, the better energy efficiency it will provide for your home.