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What Are the Most Common Reasons for Garage Door Spring Problems?

Your garage door spring is designed to secure your door as it travels up and down its track. When your garage door spring is broken, you will have a serious safety issue on your hands. Rather than ignoring your broken spring, take the time to schedule garage door repairs with a team of garage door experts in Jacksonville . To help you identify when it is time to schedule repairs, here is a look at some of the most common reasons for garage door spring problems. garage - door

Broken Safety Cables

In order to ensure your safety, your garage door springs are connected to a set of safety cables. If the mechanism that holds the springs in place ends up failing, the safety cables will provide your door with an extra layer of support and stability. When these safety cables break, your garage door spring may fall out of position. By fixing your safety cables, you can restore functionality to your garage door spring.

Improper Spring Balance

Garage door springs need to be balanced correctly in order to function properly. Over time, your springs may fall out of balance and prevent your garage door from opening and closing correctly. If you are able to maneuver your garage door manually, but are having trouble operating the opener, the issue could lie in the balance of your garage door springs. Neglecting to rebalance your springs could result in a serious safety issue for your garage door.

Incorrect Bracket Adjustment

A final cause of garage door spring issues is incorrect adjustment of the brackets that attach the springs to the end of the garage door panel. These brackets are designed to place a specific amount of pressure on your garage door springs. If you end up tampering with the brackets and changing their tension settings, you could wind up breaking your garage door spring. To adjust your garage door spring or brackets, always contact a garage door repair professional.