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Troubleshooting Tips for Your Garage Door Opener

A broken garage door opener can have a major impact on the convenience of your daily routine. If you are unable to use your garage door remote to open and close your door, you may be forced to exit your car and manually open your garage when you want to enter your home. A company that offers garage door services near Jacksonville can provide you with the garage door repairs that you will need to fix your malfunctioning opener. To highlight the benefits of setting up professional garage door repairs, here are some troubleshooting tips for your garage door opener. garage - door

Inspect the Condition of the Remote

In many cases, garage door opener issues originate in the remote. If your garage door remote is low on battery life, it may not be able to send a strong enough signal to the opener. To inspect your remote, you can open its case and remove the batteries. In the even that a new set of batteries does not resolve the issue, your garage door opener problem may have a different cause.

Check Out Your Garage Door’s Motor Unit

Your garage door opener’s motor unit is the part that is responsible for moving your garage door up and down. When replacing the batteries in your remote does not solve your problem, you can move on to troubleshooting the motor unit. To check on the condition of the motor unit, you will want to inspect its electrical outlet. An overloaded outlet may cause your opener to stop working.

Test the Garage Door Sensor Beams

Today’s garage door openers are equipped with sensor beams, which are designed to prevent the door from fully closing when an object is detected in its path. A garage door that only opens and closes part of the way may have faulty sensor beams. To test the garage door sensor beams that are connected to your opener, check to make sure that the sensor lights are on and pointed in the direction of your garage door.