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A Quick Look at the Invention of the Overhead Garage Door

When you plan a new garage door installation in Jacksonville , you will be benefitting from over a century of innovation. The history of the garage door can be traced back to the start of the 20 th century, when the first passenger cars made their debut. As more and more families purchased cars, a need was created for safe and secure storage. In 1912, an American architect created the first garage, which was modeled after a standard carriage house.

By 1921, an engineer named C.G. Johnson had created the prototype of the very first overhead garage door. This new garage door slid upwards, instead of swinging out like a carriage house door. With the invention of this new garage door style, the garage became a fixture for modern homes. Johnson also invented the electric garage door opener, which was used to automate the process of lifting and lowering garage doors. Every new garage door to this day can trace its origins to the early designs of C.G. Johnson.

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