What Are R-Values?

When you are shopping for a new garage door near Amelia Beach, you may encounter certain terms and phrases that may seem unfamiliar. R-value, for example, is a common term that is used to measure the insulation of a garage door. To ensure that your new garage door installation offers the proper level of insulation, you will need to shop for a product that has a high thermal value.

In its most basic sense, the R-value of a garage door is a unit that measures its resistance to heat flow. A new garage door that has a high R-value will offer better thermal resistance, which will help to improve the energy efficiency of your garage and your entire home. If you want to make sure that your garage door remains securely insulated when you are using your HVAC system to heat or cool your home, you will want to shop for a product that has an R-value of R-12 or higher. Garage doors with R-values of R-8 or lower offer very little insulation.

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