Teaching Kids About Garage Door Safety

Your new garage door can be a very dangerous device if it is not used properly. If you are a parent, it is of the utmost importance that you have a serious discussion with your children about garage door safety. A team of garage door experts in Jacksonville can provide you with important safety information about your new garage door. By passing this information along to your children, you can prevent a devastating accident at home. Let’s review some essential tips for teaching your kids about garage door safety.

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Talk About How the Garage Door Works

Knowledge of your garage door and how it works can help to keep your kids safe in your garage. After your new garage door installation, you can take some time to walk your children through the basics of how your garage door works. During your talk, you should explain the purpose and function of the garage door opener, the remote, and the door, itself. If your children understand how your garage door operates, they will have more respect for its power.

Explain the Dangers of Playing With the Garage Door

Along with teaching your children about how the garage door works, you should also have a serious discussion of the dangers of playing with the garage door. As a moving device, the garage door may be a tempting play items for younger kids. You will need to explain the dangers of playing under or near the garage, and possibility even set consequences for unsupervised play in your garage.

Include Lessons on Basic Garage Door Maintenance

While DIY garage door repairs are not recommended, there may be a few simple and safe fixes that you can perform on your own garage door. If you are headed out to the garage to change the remote batteries or perform another simple repair, you may want to include your children with the task. Teaching your children about the basics of maintaining a garage door will help them understand the importance of garage door safety.