Stopping Garage Door Air Leaks

Your overhead garage door in Jacksonville should provide a tight barrier between the outside temperatures and your home. If your garage door has a leak, your home will not remain at a comfortable, consistent temperature, and your heating and cooling systems won’t be able to operate as efficiently. You might even notice that your energy bills have increased. Luckily, you can prevent air from leaking through the sides and over the top of your overhead garage door.

weather stripping

The best way to prevent garage door air leaks is to use weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is inexpensive, easy to install, and available at any hardware or home improvement store. You will first need to measure each side of your garage door to see how much weatherstripping you will need. Add 6-8 inches onto this measurement for overlap.

While installing the weatherstripping, pull it taut every 8 inches, and secure it with nails. When you reach the corners, bend the weatherstripping at a 90-degree angle, and nail it down one inch from the ends of the top and side trim. Trim the excess weatherstripping on each side of the garage door so that it fits flush against the garage floor.