Looking Back at the History and Evolution of the Garage Door

Most modern homes are equipped with garage doors and garage door openers. While garage doors are incredibly commonplace today, they are actually a fairly recent architectural development. Over the decades, the overhead garage door has evolved to provide convenience and safety to the modern family. When you are in need of new garage doors, a company specializing in overhead garage door in Jacksonville can help you purchase the right new doors for your needs. With many garage door parts and materials to choose from, a new garage door is a versatile and functional addition to any household. Let’s take a quick look back at how garage doors have evolved over the course of recent history.

Old Car

The Birth of the Garage

The birth of the garage can be traced back to the first decades of the 20 th century, when the automobile was first invented. As more and more people began driving cars, they also needed a place to store and protect their automobiles. In response to the rising popularity of the car, the garage was invented.

Invention of the Overhead Door

The earliest garages were not equipped with overhead doors, and instead swung open like conventional doors. In 1921, an inventor named C.G. Johnson patented the very first overhead garage door. His amazing invention retracted upwards towards the ceiling, making it much easier to drive a car into the garage. With the invention of the first overhead door, C.G. Johnson completely revolutionized the way that we use our garages today.

Evolving Garage Door Styles

After the invention of the first overhead garage door in 1921, this essential garage component continued to evolve. For example, by the 1950s, more families were installing garages and garage doors that matched the architecture of their homes. Today, garage doors are available in a number of materials and styles, and are an attractive new addition to any household.