Comparing Flat Panel and Raised Panel Garage Doors

There are a variety of different types of overhead garage doors in Jacksonville. Single panel garage doors are constructed from one panel that swings up and overhead via a hinge on each side. The garage door’s panel can either be flat, without a design or texture, or it can have a decorative raised panel design.

victorian home garage

The type of overhead garage door that you choose will depend entirely upon your personal preference, and the overall exterior design of your home. Flat panel garage doors are slightly textured, and can be used to complement your home’s existing design without competing with it or drawing too much attention to the garage door itself.

Long or short raised panels give more texture, depth, and distinction to your garage door. Short-raised panels are perfect for Victorian-style homes that have intricate trim, colonial-style homes that have very symmetrical facades, or Tudor-style homes that have strong architectural features.