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Planning Your Garage Makeover

If you have started to find that your existing garage space is no longer functional enough to meet the needs of your household, it may be time to start planning a garage renovation. With garage door replacement and other modifications, you can transform your outdated garage into a fresh space that is extremely practical. A garage door company in Jacksonville can walk you through the steps of installing a new garage door and updating the other features in your garage. To help you get started on your project, here are some essential tips for planning your garage makeover. new - garage

Choose New Flooring

The first step of planning your garage makeover is to choose new flooring for your space. If your garage currently has unfinished concrete floors, you may find that its interior is cold, uninviting, and not practical for storage or projects. To redo your garage floor, you will want to consider durable materials, such as ceramic tile or vinyl. There materials can be installed over the existing concrete slab, and they will update the look and feel of your garage considerably.

Select Proper Insulation

In order for your garage to be a useful space throughout every season of the year, it will need to be correctly insulated. A garage that does not contain insulation will be extremely cold in the winter and too hot during the summer season. If you choose proper insulation for your garage door and garage walls, you can maintain your space at an ideal temperature, throughout the seasons.

Pick Out a New Garage Door

Your garage door will provide the finishing touch to your makeover project. A brand new garage door will update the style and durability of your space. When you are shopping for your next garage door, you should choose materials and finishes that pair perfectly with your home’s exterior design. A company that specializes in garage door installation will be able to work with you to help you pick out and properly install your new door.