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Garage Door Troubleshooting 101

While your garage door can be a major source of convenience throughout your daily routine, a broken garage door may cause significant hassles and headaches before it is fixed. When you are in need of garage door repairs , it is important to always hire a team of garage door experts to perform your service. With assistance from a company that specializes in garage door repairs near Amelia Beach, you can make sure that your issue has been safely and securely resolved. If you are wondering what is going wrong with your garage door, here is a guide to troubleshooting some common garage door repairs. garage - opener

Unusual Sounds When Opening and Closing

A properly maintained garage door should be fairly quiet when it opens and closes. Once you have gotten used to the typical noises that your garage door makes when it is in operation, you will be able to easily detect any strange sounds that may be occurring when your garage door is in need of repair. If general lubrication does not eliminate the noises, you will need to call a professional technician.

Garage Door Opener Fails to Respond

In order to make operating your garage door safer and more convenient, you will typically use a garage door remote to open and close your unit. When your garage door opener fails to respond when you push its controls, the system may be in need of a battery replacement. A broken safety photo eye or misaligned garage door spring could also cause your garage door opener to malfunction.

Garage Door Cable Shows Signs of Wear

Your garage door’s cable and spring system are designed to safely move the door into its opened and closed positions. If you start to notice that your garage door cable is showing signs of wear or tear, you will need to call your garage door experts right away. A broken cable or spring could pose a serious safety threat to you and your family members, and should be fixed by certified technician.