What Are R-Values?

When you are shopping for a new garage door near Amelia Beach , you may encounter certain terms and phrases that may seem unfamiliar. R-value, for example, is a common term that is used to measure the insulation of a garage door. To ensure that your new garage door installation offers the proper level of insulation, you will need to shop for a product that has a high thermal value.

In its most basic sense, the R-value of a garage door is a unit that measures its resistance to heat flow. A new garage door that has a high R-value will offer better thermal resistance, which will help to improve the energy efficiency of your garage and your entire home. If you want to make sure that your garage door remains securely insulated when you are using your HVAC system to heat or cool your home, you will want to shop for a product that has an R-value of R-12 or higher. Garage doors with R-values of R-8 or lower offer very little insulation.

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Does Your Garage Door Have Enough Room?

One of the most important steps of garage door installation near Ponte Vedra is to make sure that your garage space offers enough room for your new door. This video provides you with instructions that will help you measure your garage door prior to installation. To measure for your new garage door, you should make sure that the length and height of your garage offer a minimum of sixteen inches of space on either side of your new door.

If you are uncertain about choosing a size for your new garage door, be sure to consult with your garage door experts. A team of experienced technicians will know how to measure your garage properly, and they can help you pick out a garage door make and model that will fit in your space.

Garage Door Troubleshooting 101

While your garage door can be a major source of convenience throughout your daily routine, a broken garage door may cause significant hassles and headaches before it is fixed. When you are in need of garage door repairs , it is important to always hire a team of garage door experts to perform your service. With assistance from a company that specializes in garage door repairs near Amelia Beach, you can make sure that your issue has been safely and securely resolved. If you are wondering what is going wrong with your garage door, here is a guide to troubleshooting some common garage door repairs. garage - opener

Unusual Sounds When Opening and Closing

A properly maintained garage door should be fairly quiet when it opens and closes. Once you have gotten used to the typical noises that your garage door makes when it is in operation, you will be able to easily detect any strange sounds that may be occurring when your garage door is in need of repair. If general lubrication does not eliminate the noises, you will need to call a professional technician.

Garage Door Opener Fails to Respond

In order to make operating your garage door safer and more convenient, you will typically use a garage door remote to open and close your unit. When your garage door opener fails to respond when you push its controls, the system may be in need of a battery replacement. A broken safety photo eye or misaligned garage door spring could also cause your garage door opener to malfunction.

Garage Door Cable Shows Signs of Wear

Your garage door’s cable and spring system are designed to safely move the door into its opened and closed positions. If you start to notice that your garage door cable is showing signs of wear or tear, you will need to call your garage door experts right away. A broken cable or spring could pose a serious safety threat to you and your family members, and should be fixed by certified technician.

How Are Amarr Garage Doors Made?

If you are preparing for a new garage door installation, you may want to consider purchasing a new garage door from the makers at Amarr. Amarr garage doors are designed to last for many years and seasons, and you can rest assured that your Amarr garage door is also incredibly safe and secure. A company that offers garage door services near Jacksonville will be able to help you pick out the perfect Amarr product for your garage. Read on for an overview of some of the steps that go into the making of a new Amarr garage door. garage - door

Material Selection

The first step of making an Amarr garage door is to select the material that will be used for the final construction. Amarr garage doors can be crafted from wood or steel materials, and each type of garage door has its own specific benefits and attributes. If you choose a steel garage door, you will also have the option of selecting between single, double, or triple-layer construction.

Insulation Application

After the materials for the garage door have been chosen, the makers at Amarr will then select the desired insulation level. Whether you are seeking a garage door that has no insulation, or you are searching for a door that is fully insulated against the elements, you will find an Amarr product that fits your specifications. Amarr garage doors can be equipped with either polystyrene or polyurethane thermal insulation products, and each type of insulation is incredibly energy efficient.

Paint Treatment

Each steel Amarr garage door undergoes a five-layer paint spray treatment that completely seals the garage door materials from wind, sun, rain, and other environmental conditions. The paint treatment starts with a primer application, which allows the paint to bond properly with the surface of the garage. Next, colored coats of paint are sprayed until the desired color is achieved. Finally, a top-coat is applied to the finished paint application. Once the garage door has been painted, it will be ready for installation in the home.

The Benefits of Garage Door Windows

When you are shopping for a new garage door in Jacksonville , you may want to include windows in your design. In this video, you will take a look at some of the benefits of garage door windows. Each Amarr garage door window is equipped with three components that provide exceptional security and durability. With new garage door windows, you will add light and architectural appeal to your garage.

For answers to your questions about buying a new garage door from Amarr, be sure to contact a company that offer garage door replacement in your local area. With tips from a team of experts, you will be able to pick out a new garage door that perfectly complements your home’s design.

Which Type of Garage Door Opener Should You Choose?

Your garage door opener allows you to easily open and close your garage’s entrance, without having to leave the comfort of your car. If your garage door opener is starting to malfunction, you should not wait to schedule garage door repairs. Garage door repair companies in Jacksonville offer a variety of the latest garage door opener styles. By choosing a properly functioning model, you can help prevent the need to schedule emergency garage door repairs in the future. If you are shopping for a new garage door opener, take a look at these three different styles that may function perfectly in your space. garage - door

Chain Drive Opener

The chain drive opener is a common style of garage door opener that is found in many homes across the country. If you are shopping for a reliable garage door opener that will safely lift your garage door, you may want to choose a chain drive model. This type of garage door opener uses a chain and pulley system to hoist your garage door into position.

Belt Drive Opener

If you are looking for a garage door opener that is a bit quieter and more efficient than a conventional chain drive model, you may want to consider a belt drive garage door opener. Rather than using a noisy chain to open and shut your garage door, a belt drive system uses a lightweight belt design. You will find that your belt drive opener is the perfect solution for your attached residential garage.

Screw Drive Opener

A screw drive opener is another functional alternative to a conventional chain drive system. Rather than relying on a chain or belt to open the garage door, this type of opener uses a heavy duty screw. As the screw rotates, it will safely move your garage door into position. One of the terrific benefits of a screw drive opener is that this type of system generally requires less maintenance than any other garage door opener system.

Planning Your Garage Makeover

If you have started to find that your existing garage space is no longer functional enough to meet the needs of your household, it may be time to start planning a garage renovation. With garage door replacement and other modifications, you can transform your outdated garage into a fresh space that is extremely practical. A garage door company in Jacksonville can walk you through the steps of installing a new garage door and updating the other features in your garage. To help you get started on your project, here are some essential tips for planning your garage makeover. new - garage

Choose New Flooring

The first step of planning your garage makeover is to choose new flooring for your space. If your garage currently has unfinished concrete floors, you may find that its interior is cold, uninviting, and not practical for storage or projects. To redo your garage floor, you will want to consider durable materials, such as ceramic tile or vinyl. There materials can be installed over the existing concrete slab, and they will update the look and feel of your garage considerably.

Select Proper Insulation

In order for your garage to be a useful space throughout every season of the year, it will need to be correctly insulated. A garage that does not contain insulation will be extremely cold in the winter and too hot during the summer season. If you choose proper insulation for your garage door and garage walls, you can maintain your space at an ideal temperature, throughout the seasons.

Pick Out a New Garage Door

Your garage door will provide the finishing touch to your makeover project. A brand new garage door will update the style and durability of your space. When you are shopping for your next garage door, you should choose materials and finishes that pair perfectly with your home’s exterior design. A company that specializes in garage door installation will be able to work with you to help you pick out and properly install your new door.

A Quick Look at the Invention of the Overhead Garage Door

When you plan a new garage door installation in Jacksonville , you will be benefitting from over a century of innovation. The history of the garage door can be traced back to the start of the 20 th century, when the first passenger cars made their debut. As more and more families purchased cars, a need was created for safe and secure storage. In 1912, an American architect created the first garage, which was modeled after a standard carriage house.

By 1921, an engineer named C.G. Johnson had created the prototype of the very first overhead garage door. This new garage door slid upwards, instead of swinging out like a carriage house door. With the invention of this new garage door style, the garage became a fixture for modern homes. Johnson also invented the electric garage door opener, which was used to automate the process of lifting and lowering garage doors. Every new garage door to this day can trace its origins to the early designs of C.G. Johnson.

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Is a Carriage House Door Right for Your Home?

If you are shopping for a new garage door in Amelia Beach , you may be wondering whether a carriage house door will be the best choice for your property. A team that specializes in new garage door installation will be able to help you choose a garage door style that is both practical and attractive. With services from a team of garage door installers, you will be able to determine whether a carriage house door will match with the architectural style of your home.

There are a few types of homes that pair perfectly with carriage house doors. If you are considering a new garage door installation, you should consider a carriage house door if you own a Craftsman or Mission revival style home. Other architectural styles that look great with carriage house doors include Tudor homes, Victorian homes, and Colonial homes. More contemporary architectural styles, such as Mid Century Modern homes, may not be the correct fit for the carriage house style.

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