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Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?

Even though it’s typically a good idea to call the professionals for garage door repairs in Jacksonville, FL, you might be going crazy trying to figure out why your garage door suddenly won’t close. There are a few different problems that might be afoot in this case, from a door that’s off balance or off track to an obstruction in the way of its intended path. If you haven’t called the garage door experts yet but you’re wondering why your garage door won’t close anymore, feel free to read ahead. garage - door

Lack of Balance

An unbalanced garage door can be problematic because it lets air out, lets pests in, and can prevent your door from opening and closing properly. If you attempt to close your garage door and one side doesn’t quite reach the ground, you should talk to the garage door experts about balancing. The longer you wait to seek garage door repair, the more problems you’ll have to deal with. Your home’s efficiency will drop, and you might find yourself dealing with contamination and disease due to a pest problem. Fortunately, balancing is an easy task for the garage door experts.

Off the Track

If everything seems to be balanced but you’re still having trouble, you might have a garage door off its track. Between tracks, rollers, springs, and the door itself, there are many components to care for in a garage door system. When you call for garage door repair, your experts will set the door back on its track. They can also add the necessary lubrication and provide some preventative maintenance to help ensure that the problem doesn’t come up again in the future.

Obstructed Path

Today’s garage doors come with safety features built in, in order to protect homeowners as well as their kids and pets. One of these safety features prevents your garage door from closing if there is something in its path. These features aren’t flawless, however, so yours might be malfunctioning if you can’t get your garage door to close. Call your garage door repair specialist to check out your safety features.