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The Process of Installing New Weatherstripping

Garage door installers in Jacksonville, FL make the process look easy , but that’s why they’re the experts. While some aspects of garage door replacement can be dangerous, there are some that are a little more safe and straightforward. Watch this video on the process of installing new weatherstripping.

Weatherstripping helps seal out exterior air and keep conditioned air inside your space, which can boost your efficiency and help you save money. Once your old weatherstripping is off the doorjamb, use it to measure your new strip and match lengths. Make an initial cut in your strip with a knife, and then use a saw to handle the rest. Set your nails in the trim, then line it up with the jamb and drive the nails in. Now you can caulk the stripping again and paint the area. Cut the top of your stripping at an angle before moving onto the other side.