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Common Questions About Hurricane-Proofing Garage Doors

Your home and the climate you live in share an interesting relationship, and sometimes you need to protect your home from the elements . If you live in an area where hurricanes are common and you’re worried about your new garage door in Jacksonville, FL, then you might want to look into hurricane-proofing. This will protect your garage door installation from heavy winds and rain, which is a great asset if you live by the beach. These extra sturdy garage doors can also help you keep a roof over your head. Here are the answers to some common questions about hurricane-proofing garage doors. hurricane - door

Does it work?

There’s no use in investing in a new garage door that doesn’t meet your needs. The good news is that hurricane-proofing garage doors has been shown to be effective in warding off the elements. Thanks to these kinds of garage doors, countless homeowners have been able to keep their homes, families, and belongings safe during weather events like hurricanes.

Who needs it?

Hurricane-proofing isn’t necessarily a priority for some people, but for others, it can be a life saver. If you live in a coastal area and are looking for a new garage door, it’s important that the one you choose can stand up to intense winds. Residents of Florida tend to see particular benefits from hurricane-proofing garage doors, as this area is prone to hurricanes. Keep in mind that the right new garage door can also keep you up to code.

How can it help my roof?

The heavy wind and rain associated with hurricanes isn’t just detrimental to your new garage door—it can also cause problems for your roof. In the event that you experience a severe hurricane, your garage door will protect your home as part of your first line of defense. If wind manages to break through your door and into your home, it can actually blow through your roof as well. The air that rushes into your garage needs to go somewhere, and it often goes upwards. Make sure your new garage door is hurricane-proof to avoid this disaster.