The Process of Installing New Weatherstripping

Garage door installers in Jacksonville, FL make the process look easy , but that’s why they’re the experts. While some aspects of garage door replacement can be dangerous, there are some that are a little more safe and straightforward. Watch this video on the process of installing new weatherstripping.

Weatherstripping helps seal out exterior air and keep conditioned air inside your space, which can boost your efficiency and help you save money. Once your old weatherstripping is off the doorjamb, use it to measure your new strip and match lengths. Make an initial cut in your strip with a knife, and then use a saw to handle the rest. Set your nails in the trim, then line it up with the jamb and drive the nails in. Now you can caulk the stripping again and paint the area. Cut the top of your stripping at an angle before moving onto the other side.

Choosing an Amarr Garage Door

Some homeowners are surprised at how many options they face when looking for a new garage door in Ponte Vedra, FL. The right type of garage door will liven up your curb appeal, make your home more valuable, and last for years to come. See this video on choosing an Amarr garage door.

Amarr covers all of the bases with just 4 materials: steel, aluminum, wood, and composite. Steel garage doors are great for people who are looking for something low maintenance but not looking to sacrifice color choices, while aluminum does an excellent job of resisting rust. A wooden Amarr garage door can add warmth and beauty to your home, and you can stain it as you see fit. Composite garage doors are environmentally-friendly, come with different stylistic options, and won’t be susceptible to rot or rust. You can also personalize any of these doors with your own flair.

Common Questions About Hurricane-Proofing Garage Doors

Your home and the climate you live in share an interesting relationship, and sometimes you need to protect your home from the elements . If you live in an area where hurricanes are common and you’re worried about your new garage door in Jacksonville, FL, then you might want to look into hurricane-proofing. This will protect your garage door installation from heavy winds and rain, which is a great asset if you live by the beach. These extra sturdy garage doors can also help you keep a roof over your head. Here are the answers to some common questions about hurricane-proofing garage doors. hurricane - door

Does it work?

There’s no use in investing in a new garage door that doesn’t meet your needs. The good news is that hurricane-proofing garage doors has been shown to be effective in warding off the elements. Thanks to these kinds of garage doors, countless homeowners have been able to keep their homes, families, and belongings safe during weather events like hurricanes.

Who needs it?

Hurricane-proofing isn’t necessarily a priority for some people, but for others, it can be a life saver. If you live in a coastal area and are looking for a new garage door, it’s important that the one you choose can stand up to intense winds. Residents of Florida tend to see particular benefits from hurricane-proofing garage doors, as this area is prone to hurricanes. Keep in mind that the right new garage door can also keep you up to code.

How can it help my roof?

The heavy wind and rain associated with hurricanes isn’t just detrimental to your new garage door—it can also cause problems for your roof. In the event that you experience a severe hurricane, your garage door will protect your home as part of your first line of defense. If wind manages to break through your door and into your home, it can actually blow through your roof as well. The air that rushes into your garage needs to go somewhere, and it often goes upwards. Make sure your new garage door is hurricane-proof to avoid this disaster.

How to Evaluate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you are a warm and inviting person, you probably want your home to give off the same effect. By taking care of your property and making the right stylistic decisions, you can boost your curb appeal and please your whole neighborhood. Make sure you commit to lawn care to keep your grass healthy, and consider the condition of your driveway. A brand new garage door in Fernandina Beach, FL , can also be an excellent boost to your curb appeal, and your garage door experts can help you choose the right one. Read on and learn how to evaluate your home’s curb appeal. curb - appeal

Your Lawn

Your curb appeal is based on what people can see of the exterior of your home, so there are many elements that you should consider. The quality of your yard is one of these elements, so it’s a good idea to tend to it whenever possible. If your grass is dying or overgrown, your lawn will end up taking away from your curb appeal rather than adding to it. You can also add shrubs, trees, and flowers to your landscaping to bring up your curb appeal and enjoy a nicer looking yard.

Your Driveway

A broken down driveway can make for a bumpy ride to the garage, and it won’t do much good for your curb appeal. Driveways can eventually buckle under the weight and pressure of your vehicles, but you can always have it redone. This can work wonders for your curb appeal and make you more excited to come home.

Your Garage Door

One aspect of your home’s curb appeal that you should never overlook is your garage door. If yours is losing its color and starting to look run down, it might be time for a new garage door installation. A new garage door can transform the curb appeal of your home, and it can increase the value of your home at the same time. Remember to have the professionals handle garage door installation, and feel free to ask your garage door experts for advice on choosing the right door.

Tips for Picking the Best Garage Door for Your Home

Before you can go out and set up a new garage door installation in Ponte Vedra, you’ll need to have some idea of what you’re looking for . The best choice will make your home more comfortable and efficient, while also adding aesthetic appeal to your property. Think about the different options you have to choose from when it comes to materials, and look at your existing home design for inspiration. Read on for a few tips for picking the best garage door for your home. garage- door

Look for Insulation

One of the nice benefits that a new garage door offers is often overlooked. An insulated door will do a great job of keeping your conditioned air in your house and exterior air out. This means that your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, ultimately lowering your energy bills and even extending the lifespan of your appliances. This can be especially helpful if your garage is a living space, so consider the benefits of insulation next time you’re out looking for a new garage door.

Choose the Right Material

Your new garage door may be made of anything from wood to aluminum. The former offers natural beauty at the cost of high maintenance, while the latter is light and durable. If you’re looking for a new garage door that will stay standing through heavy winds and rain, a steel door may be the way to go. Vinyl is another popular material due to its durability and versatility.

Consider Your Style

When you purchase a new garage door, you have the opportunity to vastly improve the curb appeal of your home. If you want to make sure you choose the absolute best new garage door for your property, consider its surroundings. Look at the colors and themes already present in your home’s design scheme and work with the garage door experts to choose a door that matches. Remember that the material the garage door is made of will also impact its appearance, so take that factor into consideration when making a decision.

Reducing the Risk of Storm Damage to Your Garage Door

Taking the proper precautionary steps can help you prevent complications and avoid the need for garage door repair in Jacksonville, FL. Storms are common threats to the structural stability of garage doors, so it helps to reinforce them before the next one hits. You can also work with your garage door experts to find a sturdy door that will hold up against inclement weather, and don’t waste any time asking for garage door repairs when they are needed. Read ahead for more on reducing the risk of storm damage to your garage door. garage - Florida

Bring In Reinforcements

The last thing you want is to find your garage door broken in the midst of a storm, but not all garage doors are capable of combatting the heavy winds and rain on their own. If you are expecting a storm in the near future, take the time to protect your door from the elements. A great way to reduce your risk of storm damage is by reinforcing your door. You can make your own reinforcements with lumber, but you can also find metal reinforcement kits in stores. The more severe the storm, the more important it is that you use reinforcements.

Purchase a Sturdy Door

Some garage doors are inherently more susceptible to storm damage than others due to the materials that they are made from. While a wood door might not be the best choice in terms of protecting your home against a storm, a heavy steel or vinyl door might do a great job. You can reduce the risk of storm damage to your garage door by going with a strong, durable material like steel.

Handle Repairs Quickly

If you wait too long to call the garage door repair company, you give the problem a chance to become more severe. A weak garage door will be even more vulnerable to storm damage than one that is in generally good condition. Call the professionals to fix your garage door as soon as you notice that there’s a problem so you can rest assured that it’s in condition to hold up against the storm.

Repair or Replace: Which Is Right for Your Garage Door?

There are a few different factors to look at when your garage door stops working as efficiently as it once did. You can use these factors to help determine whether you’re in need of garage door repair in Fernandina Beach, FL or it’s time for a new garage door altogether. Think about how old the door is, what kind of damage you’re dealing with, and how much it might cost to get all of the necessary repairs done. Remember, you can always ask the garage door experts for help. Keep reading to see if repair or replacement is right for your garage door. garage - door

Age of the Door

There’s no use spending a bunch of money to fix a garage door that has been holding on by a thread for years. If yours is on its way out and suffers some kind of malfunction, take this time to invest in a new garage door. New garage doors come with many benefits that older models don’t, so a new one could be a nice upgrade for your home. If your door is on the younger side, however, it may be a better idea to seek repair instead.

Extent of the Damage

Another factor that may influence whether you should seek repair or garage door replacement is the extent of the damage that’s been done. Oftentimes minor cosmetic damage can be taken care of, but more severe mechanical problems might warrant garage door replacement. You can always have your garage door experts take a look at your door to determine exactly how bad the damage is and decide whether repair or replacement is the way to go.

Cost of Repairs

As is the case with any other broken appliance, it’s a god idea to consider the cost of repairs versus the cost of replacement. If a repair won’t set you back too much, it might be worthwhile. If your garage door is in such need of repair that the costs might rival that of a new garage door, on the other hand, it’s probably a better idea to go ahead and invest in a new one.

What Your Noisy Garage Door Could Be Trying to Tell You

It’s important to be able to tell when it’s time to look into garage door repairs in Jacksonville, FL so that you can prevent problems from getting worse and ultimately warranting garage door replacement. Loud noises are a common sign of issues in a garage door, but the problem might not be as bad as you think. Before you call the garage door experts, think about what you can do to assess the issue. Take a look ahead to find out what your noisy garage door could be trying to tell you.

When you raise or lower your garage door and hear grinding sounds, your first instinct might be to panic. Fortunately, the loud screeching might not be as catastrophic as it seems. If you find yourself dealing with this problem, you might just need to lubricate the tracks. Make sure the garage door is in the closed position when you lubricate the tracks, and ask your garage door experts what type of lubricant you should use. You can also call your garage door pros from the start if you are wondering what to do about your garage door. Sometimes lubrication isn’t the problem, so you might need professional repair.

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Why It Is Important to Balance Your Garage Door

A new garage door in Jacksonville, FL will serve many purposes, from protecting your home and family to maintaining the temperature inside your house. As your new garage door gradually becomes an old garage door, it might require more maintenance . You might need to lubricate the hinges and moving parts, have your opener repaired, or balance your door. If you notice that one side of the garage door doesn’t close flush with the ground, your door is unbalanced. Feel free to keep reading and find out why it is important to balance your garage door.

Even if your garage door is only slightly out of balance, it can contribute to all kinds of problems for your household. Firstly, it can reduce the working life of your garage door opener. If you don’t want to deal with having your garage door opener repaired or replaced, you should take the time to balance your garage door every few weeks or so. An unbalanced door will also allow for the exchange of air between the inside and outside of the garage. This can force your HVAC systems to work harder, leading to a less comfortable house and higher energy bills.

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