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Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?

If your garage gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, you might be thinking about trying to insulate your door. Insulating garage doors is something that can be very effective for some homeowners, but not everyone will enjoy the benefits of insulation. A1A Overhead Door Company can take a look at your garage door in Jacksonville and analyze the rest of your garage to see if it makes sense to add insulation.

The truth is that, unless you are pumping cold or hot air into your garage during the summer and winter seasons, there’s a good chance your garage is going to become as hot or cold as it is outside. Most garage doors don’t do a very good job of stopping air from leaking in, which is unfortunately going to affect the air temperature. But if the walls inside of your garage are insulated properly and you have weatherstripping on your garage door, you might be able to benefit from insulation. It all depends on your specific situation. When you call on A1A Overhead Door Company to insulate your overhead garage doors, we will do our best to improve the conditions inside your garage.

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