Exploring Common Garage Door Problems [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your garage door is a multi-functional part of your home. In addition to keeping your car, workbench, and bicycles out of the sun and rain, it also provides extra security to keep you and your family safe. If your garage door is not working properly, you may need the experts to perform garage door repairs in Jacksonville . Common problems such as the door not opening or closing could have simple solutions, while other issues such as a constantly running motor will require the attention of an experienced professional. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about common problems with garage doors, and what could be causing them. Please share with your friends and neighbors! garage doors, garage door repair, garage door opener, garage door installation, garage door replacement, Secondary: liftmaster, overhead garage door, garage door, craftsman garage door opener, linear garage door opener, Tertiary: garage door openers, garage door parts, liftmaster garage door opener, amarr garage doors, precision garage door, garage door screens, genie garage door opener, garage door opener remote, clopay garage doors, liftmaster remote, garage springs, overhead garage doors, roll up garage doors, garage door repairs, universal garage door opener, best garage door opener, garage door remote, Keyword Phrases: garage door repair serving Jacksonville, garage door opener in Jacksonville, garage door installation near Jacksonville, garage door replacement near Jacksonville, liftmaster near Jacksonville, overhead garage door in Jacksonville, garage door in Jacksonville, craftsman garage door opener near Jacksonville, linear garage door opener in Jacksonville, garage door openers near Jacksonville, garage door parts near Jacksonville, liftmaster garage door opener in Jacksonville, amarr garage doors in Jacksonville, precision garage door in Jacksonville, garage door screens serving Jacksonville, genie garage door opener near Jacksonville, garage door opener remote near Jacksonville, clopay garage doors in Jacksonville, liftmaster remote in Jacksonville, garage springs near Jacksonville, roll up garage doors serving Jacksonville, garage door repairs in Jacksonville, universal garage door opener near Jacksonville, overhead garage door in Jacksonville, garage door in Jacksonville, craftsman garage door opener near Jacksonville, linear garage door opener in Jacksonville

Liftmaster Garage Doors – With Smartphone Connectivity

When you are shopping for a new garage door opener near Amelia Beach, you may want to consider purchasing a new Liftmaster garage door opener for your home. The Liftmaster line of garage door openers is equipped with innovative features that will help you stay connected to your home, even when you are away. For example, your Liftmaster garage door opener can send an alert to your smartphone if your door is accidentally left open. With these smart features, a Liftmaster garage door opener can help to open your world. For a peek at the features of the Liftmaster line of products, be sure to watch this video.

A Look at Some Common Garage Door Safety Features

Garage doors are designed to provide easy access to the garage space and home. When you schedule a new garage door installation, it is important to make sure that your overhead garage door is equipped with a full set of safety features. Garage door safety features, such as garage door springs, are used to ensure that the door is able to open and close without posing a safety threat to you or your loved ones. A company offering garage door installation near Jacksonville can help you make sure that all of your garage’s safety equipment is in proper working condition. Let’s take a look at some of the most common garage door safety features that will be included with your installation. new garage door in jacksonville

Auto Reverse
Auto-reverse is among the most important safety features in a garage door. This feature is designed to allow the garage door to automatically reverse if an object is detected in its path. All garage doors that have been manufactured after the year 1991 are legally required to include auto reverse.

Motion Detector
Along with auto reverse, many garage doors are also equipped with motion detector systems. A motion detector allows the garage door to detect when a moving object is underneath the door. Typically, motion detectors are installed about 4 to 6 inches above the ground. By sending an infrared beam across the garage door’s path of travel, a motion detector will ensure that people, pets, and objects are safe from harm.

Manual Release
While most garage doors are equipped with automatic openers, many of today’s garage doors are still equipped with a manual release function. In the event that the garage door becomes stuck due to a power outage or other issue, the manual release feature will allow you to open or close the door by hand. To find the manual release cord, you can look for a large red handle that is located on the garage door track.

Garage Door Maintenance 101

Maintaining your garage doors is one of the key aspects of home ownership. When you practice proper garage door repair and maintenance , you can help your overhead garage door last for many decades to come. As a homeowner, there are several steps that you can take to keep your garage door in great condition. For example, you should make sure to keep on the lookout for the signs that you need new garage door springs. The garage door spring is among the most commonly replaced garage door parts, and a malfunctioning spring can cause your garage door to break down. Along with maintaining the spring, you should also be sure to lubricate your garage door tracks regularly and schedule routine tune-ups with a company offering garage door repair serving Ponte Vedra. With the assistance of a professional garage door maintenance technician, you can rest assured that your garage door will provide your family with safety, reliability, and convenience.

garage door springs

Get Connected With Liftmaster MyQ Technology

If you are seeking to add convenience and peace of mind to your daily routine, you may want to ask your garage door installation professionals about replacing your existing garage door opener with the latest technology from Liftmaster. The Liftmaster garage door opener has recently been updated with their state-of-the-art MyQ Technology. By updating your existing garage door in Fernandina Beach with the latest MyQ Technology from Liftmaster, you will be amazed at the ease and convenience that this system has to offer you. Next, by connecting to the WiFi in your home, MyQ Technology provides you with the ability to control and monitor your garge door, even when you are away. Read on for more information about how you can get connected using Liftmaster MyQ. garage door installation in jacksonville, fl

How Liftmaster MyQ Technology Works
The Liftmaster MyQ system represents the latest innovations in garage door opener connectivity and design. When you install the MyQ system, your garage door opener will be able to connect to the WiFi system in your house. Using WiFi connectivity, Liftmaster MyQ allows you to monitor your garage door using your smartphone, computer, or other device.

Liftmaster MyQ Features
When you install the new Liftmaster MyQ system, your garage door will be equipped with a range of new features. For example, you will be able to remotely open and close your garage door, even when you are at the office or away on vacation. In addition, you can set up your MyQ system to provide you with alerts if your garage door is left open.

The Benefits of MyQ From Liftmaster
There are many benefits to installing the new MyQ system from Liftmaster. If you have ever worried that you have left your garage door open when you are away from your home, the Liftmaster MyQ system will provide you with total peace of mind. By connecting your garage to your smartphone or tablet, MyQ ensures that your property is safe and secure, no matter where you are throughout the day.

Caring for Your Garage Door

Your garage doors may not concern you until a maintenance problem arises. When you are scheduling garage door repair near Jacksonville, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. For example, if your garage door repair company offers lifetime garage springs, you should be sure to ask about the warranty period. A lifetime warranty will ensure that you can keep your spring in proper repair. In addition, you should also remember that only broken garage door rollers should be replaced. Before you schedule a new garage door installation, you should also ask for a full estimate. To learn more about the basics of caring for your home’s garage door, be sure to check out this video from KSTP.

Answers to Your Questions About Genie Garage Doors

new garage door installation in jacksonville, fl When you are planning a new garage door installation near Jacksonville, you may want to ask your garage door company about the advantages of including a Genie garage door opener. For more than 60 years, the Genie overhead garage door company has set the industry standard for safety, reliability, and design. By choosing Genie products for your garage door replacement, you can rest assured that your new garage door will provide you with fantastic performance, throughout the years and seasons. Here is a look at some answers to common questions about Genie garage door products.

What Is the Right Genie Garage Door Opener for My Home?
As you are shopping for Genie garage door openers , you will have many different models and products to choose from. To ensure that you get the best performance from your new opener, you should make sure that the product that you choose is suited for your specific garage door. For example, you may want to consider factors such as the size and weight of your door, as well as your preferred safety and convenience features.

What Are the Most Essential Garage Door Safety Features?
Genie garage door openers are equipped with a variety of innovative safety features. For example, you may want to include the new Genie Safe-T Beam in your installation. This motion sensor technology detects any objects that may be in your garage door path. Another important safety feature is the GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic system, which monitors the power of your garage door to make sure that it is operating smoothly and safely.

Will a Genie Garage Door Opener Work With My Existing Door?
If you are seeking to replace your garage door opener, without installing a new garage door, you may be wondering whether a Genie product will be compatible with your system. With more than six decades in the garage door opener industry, Genie has developed openers that can work with nearly every garage door style. For answers to more questions about the Genie brand, be sure to get in touch with a garage door company near you.